Let's try Love again

Ruminations on life, love, heartbreaks, and on being a foolish dreamer

Compatibility vs. Chemistry

You know he is not right for you, yet your heart still skips a beat when you bump into him. You stalk him on social media despite knowing that he is probably still dating that hot girl you saw him last with. You are well aware he is a d-bag, someone who will use the Art of Seduction and manipulation to get you to fall for him head over heels, and then crush your heart with great fanfare.

Yet, there is something about the idea of him and you that creates fireworks. You stir up emotions in each other than otherwise don’t exist. The hormones, the anxiety, the anticipation, the lust. All of it. Perfect chemistry, without long-term compatibility, Ingredients of disaster.

Chemistry is when you have those butterflies, and ecstatic emotional swings, simulating a dream-like state. Compatibility is when your lifestyle choices and values align with each other. A new-age hippie and a new york stock broker are not compatible, but they may have great chemistry. It is extremely rare to have both compatibility and chemistry with one person. What then, do you choose, and who do you choose?


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Let's try Love again

Ruminations on life, love, heartbreaks, and on being a foolish dreamer

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