Let's try Love again

Ruminations on life, love, heartbreaks, and on being a foolish dreamer

Knowing is just the first step. The true shift happens when we can embody what we know—and put it into practice in our lives. Usually this requires us to feel something at the heart level, to unlock the truth our hearts have been hiding and to allow our bodies to create a new way of being in the world.

My new way of being started with a lot of acts of self-love. Here are just a few of mine:

  • Resting when I’m tired versus pushing myself to do more.
  • Imagining the me that felt betrayed years ago, reaching out to her in my mind’s eye and giving her a big hug, followed by the words, I love you.
  • Acknowledging where I am with my work and life versus striving for the next milestone. (A good friend of mine says, “Live in the journey versus living for the milestones, because that is where love isn’t dependent on what you achieve, but who you are.” She is so right.)
  • Reaching out to friends and family when I needed support instead of keeping my pain to myself.

This is what I needed to really show myself some much needed love. Your acts of love might look different.






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Let's try Love again

Ruminations on life, love, heartbreaks, and on being a foolish dreamer

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